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How does Ment work?

Ment is an exclusive tool to connect amazing mentors and mentees in an efficient and effective way. It uses a sophisticated algorithm that brings simplicity to matching both parties and can be used internally within a school or corporation or externally with persons outside an organization or a combination of internal and external resources.

Who is Ment Connections?

Ment Connections was initially created to satisfy the ambition of minority communities, allowing them exposure to Mentors within their organisation or outside for them to help avail the network and sponsorship of those who have made it and are looking for ways to give back to move further. Check out our About us page to learn more about Ment Connections.

Will Ment be able to partner with my company in designing the mentorship program?

Yes, Ment has an experienced team who will be able to partner, design and assist in implementing a world class mentorship program that will meet or exceed your objectives.

Who determines the matching of mentors and mentees?

Ment allows flexibility with matching wherein
a) The Program Administrator can be given a listing to approve
b) Mentors can select mentees
c) System can be autonomous and notify selected mentors and mentees

Feature Platform

Why should we have a mentorship program?

Mentorship Programs not only helps bridge the gap of communication, it also helps create a culture of belonging & learning from each other. Check out our Features page to learn more about how a mentorship program can help your organisation.

How often can the PA get reports and what metrics will be included?

PA can receive reports on demand at any time, they can also have reports sent to them weekly, monthly or quarterly or view updates live on their dashboard.

How is Ment Connections different than our employees having informal mentors?

We recommend and endorse for every organisation to have a governed and custom mentorship program reflecting their values and objectives. We also believe what gets measured gets done, Ment Connections will complement the existing relationships and help track feedback for your organisation to improve and scale best practices outside of setting a criteria for you to better match mentors and mentees. Check out our Features page to learn more about how Ment Connections can help your organisation

Pricing Plans

How does Ment Connection pricing work?

Ment Connection's mission is to help organisations create more diverse & inclusive communities with a culture of learning and growing together. Our prices vary based on the number of individuals and customisations you add. If you are not convinced on why you should have a mentorship program for your organisation, we will not be shy to offer you a free trial period, followed by a subsidized cost structure. Once the program is set-up and you start to see the value, we usually charge a flat monthly + per individual fee to the organisation and often get the feedback that our value outweighs the cost.

Updating the App

Is Ment Connection limited to corporations & businesses?

Absolutely not. Ment Connections is designed for any organisation such as Corporate Enterprise, Academic Institute or Religious community that wants to compliment the culture of learning together and monitor / track the success of pairing their leaders with those with ambition to become leaders. Ment Connections was created to connect participants within an organization or outsidewith a very simple and thoughtful methodology.


What information does Ment collect to match me?

Intentionally we collect as little information as possible but enough to make a meaningful match. Checkout how Ment works in detail

Who determines the length of the mentorship?

This is determined by the program administrator when designing the program and also takes into account the reference of mentors and mentees during the signup process.

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